Landscape with Snow (1888)

Landscape with Snow (1888)
Painted in February of 1888, Van Gogh painted the dreary furrowed fields of winter. A lone figure with his dog trudge toward home. Located in the Guggenheim, I was moved to view this painting this past weekend.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Frederic Remington

Happy Birthday Frederic Remington!! American painter of the west, Remington was born in New York in 1861. He studied art at Yale but ventured to the west to become a cowboy and ranch cook at 19. He was enthralled with western life and soon immersed himself in recording the rough lifestyle through sketching and painting. He had a unique knack for capturing the moment and the public quickly latched onto his work. His rugged scenes were filled with the drama of the new frontier.

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