Landscape with Snow (1888)

Landscape with Snow (1888)
Painted in February of 1888, Van Gogh painted the dreary furrowed fields of winter. A lone figure with his dog trudge toward home. Located in the Guggenheim, I was moved to view this painting this past weekend.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Paul Revere

Happy Birthday Paul Revere!! Born on New Year's Day, in 1735, American patriot Paul Revere was also a silversmith and accomplished engraver. Unlike most silversmiths of the day, he was able to create silver work in entirety, including castings as well as decorative engraving. Paul Revere created political engravings and was also a dentist!

In the future I will be posting my artist birthday information for 2011 on my new blog site: so please visit me there each day.