Landscape with Snow (1888)

Landscape with Snow (1888)
Painted in February of 1888, Van Gogh painted the dreary furrowed fields of winter. A lone figure with his dog trudge toward home. Located in the Guggenheim, I was moved to view this painting this past weekend.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Henri van de Velde

Happy Birthday Henri van de Velde!! Belgian architect, born in 1863, van de Velde was an instrumental artist in the Belgian Art Nouveau style. He worked primarily in Germany and helped found the School of Arts and Crafts , which would later become the Bauhaus. Van de Velde worked in furniture, craft, and architecture. The School of Arts and Crafts (1907)is pictured below.

Bauhaus-German school founded by architect Walter Gropius. The main principle was that art was meant to be a total picture encompassing art, architecture, interior design, and furniture. The school moved to three different German cities, with the focus shifting slightly from each city. It was closed after pressure from the Nazis in 1933.

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