Landscape with Snow (1888)

Landscape with Snow (1888)
Painted in February of 1888, Van Gogh painted the dreary furrowed fields of winter. A lone figure with his dog trudge toward home. Located in the Guggenheim, I was moved to view this painting this past weekend.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Francis Danby

Happy Birthday Francis Danby!! The Irish landscape painter of the Romantic period was born in 1793, known for his dramatic style. He was born in southern Ireland, moved with his family to Dublin following his father’s death. He and two other young artists went to London seeking success, but soon left and ended up in Bristol. There he had some success with watercolors, so remained there for a while, developing his style. He worked with a group of artists called the Bristol School, sketching and painting together in the evenings. He eventually returned to London, became a member of the Royal Academy, showing his large oil paintings. Both of Danby’s sons went on to become painters as well. The painting below is titled The Deluge and is a great example of the Romantic style.

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  1. Seen this in The National Gallery, London. It is amazing; the way the light is conveyed is just superb. It really has the feel of the Old Testament.